After implantation treatment, we can remove the implant or not?

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dental implants, dental implants , dental implants dohaDental clinicBacteria are the main reason for tooth decay and other infection in teeth. If your tooth is broken or infected you can get implant teeth to recover it by having implantation it will affect other nearby teeth. The implantation process is done through the metal named Titanium that is inserted into the bone. And the artificial tooth is fixed above the titanium metal.

Invisalign treatment is done for dental issues. And also used in the treatment orthodontic. It is famous in Doha so why it is named dental implants, dental implants , dental implants doha.

Why it is famous in Doha?

The Invisalign is famous in Doha because there are many dental specialists to make easy this treatment. While the treatment it pains a lot. But it causes pain only for some time after the treatment it will not pain much. This treatment helps to move the teeth. There are some side effect occurs while Invisalign. Some patients have lost their gum support after this treatment.

By the implantation process, you can replace your every infected tooth. This process can be fixed or can be removed. If it is a removal method it requires two implants in the lower jaw and four implants in your upper jaw. It seems like the implant will be fixed in your teeth. If you feel any discomfort you can remove and fix it again after cleaning. Then for the fixed method, 4 implants should be fixed in the upper jaw and four implants should be fixed in the lower jaw. It is tightened with the help of a screw and it cannot be removed in a normal hand.

Before getting tooth implantation you should know about the cost required for the implant. Some person can get their artificial teeth very soon and some may delay getting their artificial teeth. Doctors will provide the implant according to the primary stability. If the patient’s primary stability is good he can get his implant very soon. other patients who already done sinus lifting like procedures will take nearly 5 to 6 months to get your artificial teeth. The cost of an implant is determined by the quality or brand of the artificial teeth. Also charged for some additional procedures if any required. It costs high if it is a computer-guided implant and if it is hand guided the cost of the implant will be less. The amount required for the teeth implant will not be the same it may differ every year. When compared to other methods implant is best and it is a common prescription of every doctor.

If you want to save our natural teeth you can undergo the Root canal treatment. With the help of endodontists, the root canal treatment is done. Like other treatments, it is also done after numbing the affected area. So the patient can bear the pain. This treatment requires the cleaning of the pulp region. Daily brushing will also reduce the stability of your teeth soon. So instead of brushing your teeth with a brush use some natural sticks like neem stick to clean your teeth. It gives additional strength to your teeth while brushing.

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