Olej konopny and its Industrial uses

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The olej konopny is a peculiar specious which is specifically grown for the industrial purpose in combination with bamboo. It is claimed as the fastest rising plant. It is used to manufacture fibre for 50000 years. From this plant many industrial products like the dress, plastics, animal feed, paper, twine, colors, fuel and also medicines. It is a drug but it can’t intoxicate people. It maintains the level of THC. It keeps people active and healthy. Many countries concentrate on THC content. If the level of the THC content is low then it is allowed to use for internal usage. In 2020 it is recommended that THC with 0.2% is accepted others are rejected.

Industrial Uses

olej konopny

Ropes are made by mixing it with flax to produce a thick rope of stronger quality of long-lasting. These fibres are used to manufacture shoes of high quality. They are very strong by nature so the quality is 100% fine and there is no doubt about it.  It is used in fabrics such as apparel and other table furnishings by a mixture of cotton or silk. It gives the texture strong and compatible to make the fabrics in good condition.  The inner part of the plant fibre helps in industrial applications such as litter and animal bedding. Its seeds are solid and it is used in oil paints. It is also used as a cream and also moisturizing Agent. Its use extended in cooking also to make the plastics. It can be used as bird prey. It makes the birds healthy and strong. Almost many people use these seeds as animal and bird feed. It contains carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, and other constituents of water.  It is rich in protein and iron. It can be used directly as a sprouted meal or by making as a sprout powder. Seeds are high in proteins than the leaf. All the parts of the plant are utilized to make different things for the edible product to human beings. It is imported from the US to the worth of 11.5$. it has energy higher than in milk, meat, egg and soy. It should be stored in a proper airtight container to further use. If it is kept open it will be spoiled. The proteins and minerals are absorbed when it is kept dry. Its uses are peculiar and varied. It has numerous uses and it is finely used by the human community to enrich people’s health and wealth. Many businesses are relying on these plants. That’s why it is grown in a larger area. It is cultivated mainly for the industrial purpose to develop the business. It helps in dual business as a farmer and also as a raw material to many products. It is a good raw material to keep their business steady by providing good quality products to the people. Even it is used to manufacture bio-degradable plastics. It is highly rich in energy and it can be kept in a cool and safety measure to be followed to protect it otherwise its ample usage gets spoiled and it would become mere waste. Good products are to be preserved and they should be used in a proper way for the betterment of the people.

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