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One of the patterns that have gotten in Singapore as of late is workmanship sticking. For the unenlightened, workmanship sticking is the place where you and a gathering of others do some canvas painting together in Art Jamming Singapore . In addition to the fact that it is a great method to release innovativeness, it’s additionally exceptionally restorative for the brain. What’s extraordinary is that for some studios in Singapore, you can simply pursue an erratic workmanship sticking meeting which makes it excessively free and simple! In case you’re searching for thoughts on where to workmanship jam, we’ve gathered together this 6 craftsmanship sticking studios in Singapore that are ideal for couples or a young ladies’ outing!

Art Jamming Singapore

Freedom Art Jam, Artify Studio 

Run by Artify Studio which holds workmanship exercises for youngsters, Liberty Art Jam’s speciality classes are for grown-ups and corporate workshops. With a conviction that anybody can do workmanship in a non-critical climate, have confidence you won’t require any earlier craftsmanship experience to pursue Liberty Art Jam! You’ll likewise be given a few hints before your beginning composition. Those of you who needn’t bother with any direction should pursue the Unguided Art Jam all things being equal. The two meetings last around 2.5 hours and incorporate a 40 x 50 canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, hairdryer, covers, materials, and a plastic transporter.

My Art Space 

Why paint in a homeroom when you can let your innovativeness stream uninhibitedly at this excellent glass studio in Istana Park? With a lot of normal light, you’ll certainly have the option to get the motivation to make your magnum opus Though their speciality sticking meetings are not open yet, you can at present pursue different exercises like their Painting Introductory Workshop or Watercolor Intro. For those of you who are intrigued to get painting as a side interest, look at their bundled workshops for grown-ups! My Art Space additionally has different studios in Khatib and Compassvale.


Regardless of whether you’re simply accepting painting as a side interest or you’re hoping to sharpen your abilities, Artifacts has got you covered! For their craft sticking meeting, you can either carry your image to paint or browse one of their works of art to get you propelled. Other than painting, you’ll additionally be joined by delicate music and cold or hot refreshments. Their speciality sticking meetings are non-guided yet you can in any case request help concerning the utilization of apparatuses, materials, or even essential composition strategies. You’ll likewise be outfitted with an extended canvas outline, limitless acrylic paint, brushes, expendable palette, and cover.


With an objective for its members to communicate unreservedly in a tranquil and comfortable climate, ARThaus’s craft sticking meetings are firmly guided by their expert craftsmen.  Regardless of whether you’re considering accomplishing something exceptional with companions or praising a birthday or uncommon event, this workmanship sticking meeting is ideal for you! This is Singapore’s just devoted splatter paint studio! Rather than the traditional method of utilizing a paintbrush and cautiously brushing your strokes, Splat Paint House releases you wild with paint and in a real sense sprinkles them on your canvas in Artwork.

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