What are the causes of the Blocked Drain?

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When you see a Blocked Drain Southend then it doesn’t only blocks one or two but it also affects your complete and main drainage system. At first, it appears to be a very small problem but slowly when this problem is neglected then you will observe that it is capable of creating very big problems.

In many houses, proper cleansing is done for the drainage system but still, after a few days, people notice a block in the pipe. Likewise, for every drainage blockage, there are different reasons blockages every cause in either way it does its work. Blockages have their own reason that the flow of the water stops, if one gets the causes of the blockage then it can be sorted out very easily.

If one can get the causes of the blocked drain then the problem can be solved very easily and it makes it easy for you to understand how to solve the problem of the blocked drainage.


These are the important essentials for a person in daily use, and these are the basic requirements for anyone. So it is very clear that you cannot ignore using it, the toiletries used in the washroom should be disposed of nicely. Many times, the toiletries are deposited at the pipes and jam the complete path of the flowing water.

Blocked Drain Southend

Toiletries include diapers, sanitary napkins, tissues; these are the things that block the drainage pipe. In order to deal with this kind of issue, the toiletries should be flushed nicely, however, even after the flushing also sometimes the toiletries can stick also. So instead of flushing, try to throw it into the dustbin this will reduce the risk of any kind of blockage.

Foreign substances

One cannot ignore the fact that no matter how much effort you put in cleaning your drainage pipe and trying to keep all the unnecessary substances away. Sometimes, it happens that many unknown and huge substances get inside your pipe or drainage system and it starts to block the complete system of the drainage.

Especially if you have kids in your house then it becomes very common that you may find unknown substances in the drainage system. One should avoid throwing this type of substance into the pipe or drainage system as it can cause a lot of damage.

Cooking oil

This is one of the major causes for the blockage in the drainage system but it is not at all acceptable to throw cooking oil in the drainage system. As the cooking oil is viscous in nature, the oil can form a clump in the drainage system and then it becomes very hard to remove that clump from the pipe. It also makes the pipe very dirty as well as it makes it very difficult to flow the water.


Not liquid soaps but the soap bar can easily block the drainage and the pipes. It is very obvious that one does not throw the soap after you completely consume it, some pieces are left then only you throw it. After some time the soap starts to deposit and hence it blocks the drainage pipe.

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