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Finding out the mystery in the life of the person or places is a more interesting fact that everyone will agree to it. Everybody will show their effort to bring out the hidden mystery. People can’t able to keep the mystery as secret and if they come to know that there is a mystery in the place means, their minds will nurture them to explore the mystery. After finding out the mystery or opened the mystery only they can able to sit with free breath and relaxed otherwise they can’t because it will start to act as a burden in their heart to know the mystery.  By keeping this concept in mind virtual escape room game are created as mystery rooms. This will create an opportunity for the participants to act as a detective agency in exploring the mystery. Many people are fond of detectives and detective fictions to know the curiosity in finding out the mystery. The genre of mystery is used in the games to adventure the participants as a detective to have a real experience in finding the mysteries.

virtual escape room game

Beyond Medusa’s Gate

It is taken from the mythological mystery of odyssey, the great warrior of the Trojan War. While returning home after 10 years of Trojan War he faces many struggles and difficulties on the way. One such place is that the medusa’s gate and he enters the place of magical land without knowing the consequences. Medusa is a lady who lives 595 years as a curse and her head is fully surrounded by snakes instead of hair. She is such a horrible figure that she slaved the great warrior odyssey in the midway and changed his soldiers as animals and made them dumped by eating the fruit lotos. The participants have to work hard to release the odyssey and their soldiers because odysseys wife and son are waiting for him if he won’t come to his country at a right time the kings of the neighbouring countries are focusing to capture his kingdom. So you have to enter the medusa’s gate and search the mysterious place where odyssey is kept by decoding the codes and the signals used by medusa. If the participant does it successfully then can release oddessey’s life and the kingdom from danger.

Loco Dojo

It is also another kind of experience to enter the whimsical wooden world. it can be played in groups along with your friends. While entering the game all the participants are in the same place to seek the hidden treasure, but after moving the first step all the participants are getting separated and they have to realise where they are actually and they have to face the fighting of the pirates to seek the treasure. Fighting with pirates is the best experience. Normally people won’t go for fighting at all. Only the cops and rogues do those things. Ordinary people are not experienced in that by facing a real fight but many wishes to do fight sequence as like the superheroes. To satisfy that wish of the human being these fighting mysteries are created to act like a warrior or great hero to safeguard the treasure or to help the people in need like a Robinhood. While experiencing these kinds of adventures people are boosted and they get ready to face if these problems occur in their own life also.

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