Smartest Choices for the Dog Food Items

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Proper nutrition is essential to preserve your dog’s health capital. Her daily needs vary according to her age and level of physical activity. A growing puppy, a sports dog or a sterilized dog: each one has specific daily needs. It is important that organic kibbles correspond to these needs otherwise your loyal companion will develop deficiencies or become obese. With 고양이 사료 추천 options you can go for the best now.

Organic kibbles adapted to your dog’s morphology: a detail?

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Organic dog food is available in different formats, for small and large dogs. This distinction is not a detail. A small dog will indeed be unable to eat excessively large kibbles. Conversely, a large dog will tend to swallow all rounds, at the risk of making a wrong route. So avoid choosing organic kibble that would not be suitable for your dog’s body shape.

Organic dog food: a guarantee of quality?

It is common to assimilate “organic” and “quality food”. However, there are many high-end kibble brands that do not necessarily have the organic label. Some brands also offer kibbles specifically designed for dogs with diabetes or heart problems. If your dog has health concerns, talk to your veterinarian. Organic, grain-free or medical croquettes: he will be able to guide you in order to make the best choice for your faithful companion.

Tips for Healthy Eating

If kibble is the staple food for your dog, do not neglect the little “next”. Preferably offer him quality treats. And even if your faithful companion can be very touching, be sure to distribute them in moderation, for example, to reward him. It may happen that despite a carefully chosen diet, a dog has digestion problems. Diarrhea or constipation can be a one-time incident. If this is not the case, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

Grain-free dog food is high-end food. They are designed to meet your dog’s daily needs, providing him with the right fats and proteins, but also the vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber he needs. But unlike conventional kibbles, these kibbles do not contain cereals. This type of kibble thus ensures better digestion for your dog.

When should you choose grain-free dog food?

Unlike a cat, your dog is not a strict carnivore. It is, therefore, possible to offer him a more varied diet. It is therefore common for dog food to contain cereals. But if it is good to offer vegetables in addition to the mash or croquettes, the choice of cereals is riskier. Many dogs have difficulty digesting them. It is also common for a dog to suffer from a food allergy and to have a real gluten intolerance. In this case, grain-free dog food is particularly suitable.

Choose grain-free kibbles adapted to your dog’s morphology

It is obvious that a chihuahua and a German shepherd do not have the same daily needs. They also don’t have the same jaw. A small dog will, therefore, have difficulty eating large kibbles. A large dog will tend to quickly swallow too small kibbles. This poses a major risk of misdirection, and it is also bad for one’s digestion. It is therefore important to choose gluten-free dog food adapted to the morphology of your dog.

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