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The payment slips for the 2020 tax should already be arriving at homes. If you have not yet received yours you can request a duplicate through the portal of the City Hall where the property is located. The best payment option is always in cash, due to discounts that are higher than savings interest, and vary between 3%, in the case of California, to 10%, in Rio de Janeiro and up to 12% in Porto Alegre. If you do not have the total amount available for payment of IPTU, do not use credit lines, such as personal loans, as the interest and the Total Cost of Operation CET, practiced by banks, far exceed the IPTU interest? Consider the option only in cases of loans with interest below the cost of the IPTU in installments which is around 0.92% per month and for settlement in a few installments. Make a visit to and find the solutions.

The second best option is the conventional installment of the tax

The tax is in three installments, with the payment of the first installment still in January. The worst scenario, without a doubt, is to leave the payment for February, with the payment of accumulated installments and without the advantage of the cash discount.

Each City Hall has the autonomy to define the maximum number of installments for payment of IPTU, which can reach 10, as in the city of California. Punctuality in payment is another important factor arrears can lead to fines and interest that add up to 20%. There are also some categories of citizens who are entitled to exemption from IPTU as retirees, pensioners and INSS beneficiaries, as long as the property is owned, used as a residence and the applicant’s income does not exceed three minimum wages.

The application for obtaining the benefit can be downloaded directly from the portal of the resident City Hall and taken along with the documents that prove the requirements to the unit of the responsible Secretariat of the Municipality.

Some tax incentives from the City of California, allow the use of ISS reversed credits for the reduction of up to 100% of the IPTU of any property of the City. Who is exempt from paying tax or tenant of a rented property, for example, can indicate any other property in the capital to receive the credits. Check if there is a similar program in your city.

The end of the year is near.

Right after the holidays, the situation is the same for many Brazilian families: a large number of debts at the end of the previous year are added to the accounts and expenses typical of the first months. School supplies for those who have children, IPVA and IPTU are the main headaches of the Brazilian at that time. Financial advisor Ricardo Pereira gives tips in advance to help prepare financially for 2020.

Is it more advantageous to pay the debts at the end of the year or the bills at the beginning?

Prioritize the payment of old debts. They usually have more interest, for example, credit card interest. For those who want to delay the payment of expenses, the tip is to try to renegotiate or delay the one that causes fewer problems. In the case of compounds, the default brings several legal problems. The ideal is to prioritize the heaviest expenses and with more interest, but renegotiate everything so as not to be paying interest and pushing the debt.

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