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siemens breakers uniquely positioned to support you across the entire project life cycle with a comprehensive portfolio to design, implement, and service your future-proof solution…based on long-term experience in-depth understanding of your needs.


Reliable and stable operation of a grid with distributed energy resources, loads, and storage by controlling grid assets (e.g. Intelligent switchgear and transformers) Independent, sustainable, and highly reliable power supply (e.g. Island grid). Products and solutions for microgrids, energy storage, load management, and virtual power plant (VPP) applications. SPECTRUM POWER Microgrid Management System SICAM Microgrid Manager (planning, monitoring, and control) Distributed Energy Management System (DEMS ) incl. Demand Response (DRMS), and virtual power plant (VPP) applications Energy storage solutions, e.g. SIESTORAGE (Li-ion batteries) and SILYZER 200 (power to gas)Maintain grid stability and security of supply despite volatile infeed from natural resources Possibility to trade power surplus Safeguard power quality.

 Smart Communication & Cyber Security

Monitoring and managing many components of an energy grid to the consumers via highly secure data exchange Use & interoperability of different communication technologies and systems Cybersecurity (confidentiality, integrity, availability).Rugged switches and routers using fiber optics, broadband powerline carrier or WiMAX and wireless mesh solutions from consumer access to RMU backhaul applications Cybersecurity including product/system/solution security and integrated processes & services for the setup and the operation of a secure network Build/care and professional services (e.g. cybersecurity consulting and training; security assessments and compliance audits; network penetration tests).Tailored communication infrastructure complying with energy industry standards Hardened IT infrastructure to minimize the risk of intrusion Highest level of protection through holistic cybersecurity.

Power Distribution Challenge

Plan, build, expand & maintain your distribution network infrastructure  Network analysis and calculation  Intelligent substations – smart switchgear (e.g. GIS), transformers, intelligent distribution, and feeder automation, and protection solutions IT solutions like SPECTRUM POWER Advanced Distribution Management System & Active Network Management Product-related services such as diagnosis, monitoring, maintenance, refurbishment and modernization Stationary energy storage solutions like SIESTORAGE (Li-ion batteries) and SILYZER 200 (Power-to-gas). Reliable power supply to your customer’s High grid availability, fewer blackouts Reduce service cost.

Power Transmission

Connect your distribution grid to transmission level Improve transmission quality and efficiency High voltage products. Circuit breakers, bushings, coils, surge arresters, disconnectors, gas-insulated switchgear, a! transformers to large power transformers with ratings over 1000 MVA SPECTRUM POWER transmission grid control system as-insulated.Lines (GIL) for safe and EMC-compliant transmission of bulk power into urban load centers Safe, reliable, and consistent transmission & distribution of electricity.

Smart Metering

High OPEX caused by manual meter reading Energy theft (non-technical losses Increasing distributed generation endangers grid stability creating demand for permanent information on capacity/stability constraints  Standardized smart meters support multiple communication modules (e.g. GPRS, PLC, RF. Tailored communication solutions (incl. cybersecurity) for high-, medium- and low-voltage networks Highly available universal head-end system with multi-vendor support Leading Meter Data Management (MDM) system Monitoring and detecting of deviations in load profiles remotely  Flexible grid application platform (e.g. load forecasting, analytics)End-to-end advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) from consulting to field services Automated meter reading reduces OPEXEarly theft detection minimizes non-technical losses Reliable power supply in an environment of distributed generation New business models based on data analytics.

siemens breakers

Customer statement

To be able to react in the shortest time on market trends, we need flexible and individualizing machines. For us, simulation means an essential quality improvement. “Future concepts are based on software. With software, the vision of self-learning machines will be achievable. “

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