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Sermons for year: 2014
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12/14/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsJohn 1:14, "The True Light" with Lessons from ScriptureWMAMP3
12/14/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 7:23-25, "An Indestructible Life"WMAMP3
12/07/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 20:22-26, "God Defines Worship"WMAMP3
12/07/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 7:20-22, "An Irrevocable Oath"WMAMP3
11/30/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 20:18-21, "Fear the Lord" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
11/30/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 7:11-19, "Draw Near to God"WMAMP3
11/23/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 20:17, "The Tenth Commandment" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
11/23/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 7:4-10, "A Superior Priesthood"WMAMP3
11/16/14Mr Kevin ArevaloMatthew 21:1-17, "Let Us Bow, for the True King Has Arrived" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
11/16/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 7:1-3, "Mysterious Melchizedek"WMAMP3
11/09/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 20:16, "The Ninth Commandment" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
11/09/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 6:19-20, "Our Steadfast Anchor"WMAMP3
11/02/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 20:15, "The Eighth Commandment" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
11/02/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 6:17-18, "God Always Accomplishes Plan A"WMAMP3
10/26/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 20:14, "The Seventh Commandment" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
10/26/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 6:13-17, "Ultimate Faithfulness"WMAMP3
10/19/14Mr Colby WilkinsLuke 15:1-7, "The Lost Sheep"WMAMP3
10/19/14Rev Jim Fitzgerald1 Thessalonians 1:1-10, "The Church"WMAMP3
10/12/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 20:13, "The Sixth Commandment" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
10/12/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 6:12, "Things That Belong to Salvation" - Part 3WMAMP3
10/05/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 20:12, "The Fifth Commandment" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
10/05/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 6:11-12, "Things That Belong to Salvation" - Part 2WMAMP3
09/28/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 6:9-10, "Things That Belong to Salvation" - Part 1WMAMP3
09/21/14Mr Aaron OpgenorthGenesis 15:1-6WMAMP3
09/21/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 6:4-8, "A Frightful Warning"WMAMP3
09/14/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 20:7, "The Third Commandment"WMAMP3
09/14/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 5:11-6:3, "Growing in Christ"WMAMP3
09/07/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 20:4-6, "The Second Commandment" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
09/07/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 5:7-10, "Christ Our Mediator - Part 3"WMAMP3
08/31/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 20:3, "The First Commandment" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
08/31/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 5:5-10, "Christ Our Mediator, Part 2"WMAMP3
08/10/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 18:1-27, (Jethro's Wise Counsel- Evening Worship)WMAMP3
08/10/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 18:1-27, "Jethro's Wise Counsel" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
08/24/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 20:1-2, "Grace and the Law"WMAMP3
08/24/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 5:1-4, "Christ Our Mediator"WMAMP3
08/17/14Mr Tezar PutraExodus 19:1-25, "Who Shall Ascend God's Mountain?" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
08/17/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 4:14-16, "Jesus - The Ultimate High Priest"WMAMP3
08/03/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 18:1-27, "Jethro's Wise Counsel" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
08/10/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 4:11-13, "God's Powerful Word"WMAMP3
08/03/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 17:8-16, "Israel Defeats Amalek" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
08/03/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 4:1-10, "Eternal Rest in Christ"WMAMP3
07/27/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 17:1-7, "Water from the Rock" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
07/27/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 3:12-19, "Preservation of the Saints"WMAMP3
07/20/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 16:22-36, "Rest in the Wilderness" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
07/20/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 3:7-11, "A Warning Against Unbelief"WMAMP3
07/13/14Mr Tim InmanJohn 2:1-11, "Who is This Jesus?" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
07/13/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 3:1-6, "Consider Jesus"WMAMP3
07/06/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 16:1-21, "Bread from Heaven" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
07/06/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 2:17-18, "Our Faithful High Priest"WMAMP3
06/29/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 15:22-27, "Living by Grace" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
06/29/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 2:14-15, "A Rescue Mission"WMAMP3
06/22/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 15:1-21, "The Songs of Moses and Miriam" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
06/22/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 2:9-13, "Christ, Our Brother and Savior"WMAMP3
06/15/14Mr Rob Edenfield2 Timothy 1:8-12, "Faith Unashamed" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
06/15/14Mr Larry GwaltneyJohn 6:53-66, "To Whom Shall We Go?"WMAMP3
06/08/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 14:15-31, "God Saves His People" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
06/08/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 2:5-9, "Paradise Regained"WMAMP3
06/01/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 2:1-4, "The Peril of Ignoring the Gospel"WMAMP3
05/25/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 14:1-14, "The Lord Fights for His People"WMAMP3
05/25/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 1:9-14, "God's Son - Superior to the Angels" - Part 2WMAMP3
05/18/14Mr. Steve Page2 Corinthians 4:16-18, "The Glory of Suffering" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
05/18/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 1:4-9, "God's Son-Superior to the Angels"WMAMP3
05/11/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 13:17-22, "Joseph's Bones" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
05/11/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 1:2b-3, "The Supremacy of Christ"WMAMP3
05/04/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 13:1-16, "Remember This Day..." - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
05/04/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 1:1-2, "God Has Spoken"WMAMP3
04/27/14Mr Peter GoodrichGenesis 27, "How to Get a Blessing"WMAMP3
04/27/14Rev Michael GlodoMark 5:21-43, "The Healings of Two Daughters"WMAMP3
04/20/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsPhilippians 3:1-11, "Knowing Christ and the Power of His Resurrection" - EasterWMAMP3
04/17/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsGenesis 3:1-21, "The First Garden Required a Second Garden" - Maundy Thursday ServiceWMAMP3
04/13/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 12:33-51, "The Exodus Passover" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
04/13/14Rev Dr Robert Adams2 Peter 3:11-18, "Growing in Godliness"WMAMP3
04/06/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 12:21-32, "Worship Amidst Destruction" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
04/06/14Rev Dr Robert Adams2 Peter 3:8-10, "Are We There Yet?"WMAMP3
03/30/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 12:14-20, "The Feast of Unleavened Bread" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
03/30/14Rev Dr Robert Adams2 Peter 3:1-7, "The Scoffers Are Wrong"WMAMP3
03/23/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 12:1-13, "The Passover" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
03/23/14Rev Dr Robert Adams2 Peter 2:18-22, "A Recipe for Apostasy"WMAMP3
03/16/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 11:1-10, "The Tenth Plague: Death of the Firstborn" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
03/16/14Rev Dr Robert Adams2 Peter 2:1-18, "The Way of Balaam"WMAMP3
03/09/14Mr Drew TaylorGenesis 6:1-8, "The God of Emotion" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
03/09/14Rev Dr Robert Adams2 Peter 2:10-16, "Blots and Blemishes"WMAMP3
03/02/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 10:21-29, "The Ninth Plague: Darkness"WMAMP3
03/02/14Rev Dr Robert Adams2 Peter 2:4-10, "Preservation of the Saints"WMAMP3
02/23/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 10:1-20, "The Eighth Plague: Locusts"WMAMP3
02/23/14Rev Dr Robert Adams2 Peter 2:1-3, "False Prophets and Heresies"WMAMP3
02/16/14Rev Dr Robert Adams2 Peter 1:19-21, "How Can We Know?"WMAMP3
02/09/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 9:8-35, "The Sixth and Seventh Plagues: Boils and Hail" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
02/09/14Rev Dr Robert Adams2 Peter 1:16-18, "How Can We Know?"WMAMP3
02/02/14Rev Tom NelsonLuke 14:12-24, "Parable of the Great Invitation"WMAMP3
02/02/14Rev Dr Bob OrnerPsalm 23, "Life with the Shepherd"WMAMP3
01/26/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 9:1-7, "The Fifth Plague: Egyptian Livestock Die" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
01/26/14Rev Dr Robert Adams2 Peter 1:12-15, "I Want You to Remember"WMAMP3
01/19/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 8:16-32, "The Third and Fourth Plagues: Gnats and Flies" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
01/19/14Rev Dr Robert Adams2 Peter 1:8-11, "Making Our Calling and Election Sure"WMAMP3
01/12/14Mr Rich CastroLuke 10:25-37, "Who is the Good Samaritan?" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
01/12/14Rev Dr Robert Adams2 Peter 1:5-7, "Pursuing Godly Living"WMAMP3
01/05/14Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 8:1-15, "The Second Plague: Frogs" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
01/05/14Rev Dr Robert Adams2 Peter 1:3-4, "Divine Provision"WMAMP3