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We encourage the spreading of the word of God. To that end, permission is granted to make copies of our sermons and share them with others as long as you do not charge for them.

Full CD recordings of our Sunday morning worship service are available for pickup after each service. If you are not able to attend, you can reserve a copy by submitting a Worship Service Audio Request Form

Audio files, regardless of format, are large files and take time to download even with a broadband connection. If the default audio player does not automatically open when clicking on the file, then "Right-click" and select, "Save Target As" to download the file to the specified location. After the download is complete, locate and "double click" the file to open and play it with the default player.

Two audio file types, WMA (Windows Media Audio) and MP3 (an acronym for MPEG layer 3), are offered for download. Both file types offer great quality and compression for sharing files over the internet. The WMA files are slightly smaller in size

What’s the difference between WMA and MP3 files?

Sermons for year: 2016
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01/31/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 6:19-23 - "Burned Bread" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
01/31/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 6:1-9, "The Dangers of Afflunenza: Part 2"WMAMP3
01/24/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 5:8-20, "The Dangers of Afflunenza: Part 1"WMAMP3
01/17/16Mr Arif Hidajat1 Kings 18:41-46, "The God Who Gives Himself" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
01/17/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 5:1-7, "Worship in Spirit and in Truth"WMAMP3
01/10/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 6:14-18 - "The Priestly Portion"WMAMP3
01/10/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 4:7-16 - "Two Are Better Than One"WMAMP3
01/03/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 6:8-13 - "Tend the Altar Fire"WMAMP3
01/03/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 3:16-4:6 - "From Dust to Glory"WMAMP3