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Sermons for year: 2015
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11/01/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 40:34-38, "The Glory of the Lord" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
11/01/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 13:22-25, "Final Geetings"WMAMP3
10/25/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 40:1-33, "The Tabernacle Erected" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
10/25/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 13:20-21, "Our Gracious Provider"WMAMP3
10/18/15Mr Monty HershbergerColossians 1:3-14, "The Grace of God" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
10/18/15Rev Donald MasonPhilippians 4:10-20, "The Amplified Thank You Note"WMAMP3
10/11/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 39:32-43, "Moses Blessed Them" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
10/11/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 13:17-19, "Obedience, Submission and Prayer"WMAMP3
10/04/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 38:21-39:31, "Making Priestly Garments" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
10/04/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 13:15-16, "Living Sacrifices"WMAMP3
09/27/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 36:8-38:20, "Constructing the Tabernacle" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
09/27/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 13:8-14, "Trusting in Jesus"WMAMP3
09/20/15Mr Kevin ArevaloDaniel 1, "Faithful Living in a Faithless World" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
09/20/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 13:7, "Finishing Well"WMAMP3
09/13/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 35:20-36:7, "More About Gifts and Craftsmen" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
09/13/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 13:5-6, "Contentment in a Culture of Discontent"WMAMP3
09/06/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 35:1-19, "Sabbath - A Blessing from the Lord" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
09/06/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 13:4, "Marriage - A Holy Institution, Part 2"WMAMP3
08/30/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 34:29-35, "The Shining Face of Moses" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
08/30/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 13:4, "Marriage - A Holy Institution, Part 1"WMAMP3
08/23/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 34:10-28, "The Covenant Renewed" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
08/23/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 13:1-3, "Love Others Well"WMAMP3
08/16/15Mr Ross MeyerExodus 15:22-27, "Down to the Water" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
08/16/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 12:25-29, "To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required"WMAMP3
08/09/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 12:18-24, "What God Has Given Us"WMAMP3
08/02/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 34:1-9, "Moses Makes New Tablets" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
08/02/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 12:15-17, "Our Brothers Keeper"WMAMP3
07/26/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 33:12-23, "Moses' Intercession" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
07/26/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 12:12-14, "Striving for Peace and Holiness"WMAMP3
07/19/15Mr Kurt GrayMark 7:31-37, "The Healing King" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
07/19/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 12:7-11, "Responding to Our Father's Loving Discipline"WMAMP3
07/12/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 33:1-11, "I Will Not Go Up Among You" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
07/12/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 12:3-6, "Our Father's Loving Discipline"WMAMP3
07/05/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 32:15-35, "Who is on the Lord's Side?" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
07/05/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 12:1-3, "Running with Endurance"WMAMP3
06/28/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 32:11-18, "God Relented" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
06/28/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 11:32-40, "A Better Resurrection"WMAMP3
06/21/15Mr. Monty HershbergerMatthew 6:25-34, "Do Not Worry" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
06/21/15Rev Jim FitzgeraldMark 4:35-41, "We Are All in the Same Boat"WMAMP3
06/14/15Rev Mike GlodoPsalm 34, "Taste the Lord" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
06/14/15Rev Mike Glodo1 Samuel 15, "The Idol of Approval"WMAMP3
06/07/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 32:1-10, "The Golden Calf" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
06/07/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 11:31, "By Faith Rahab..."WMAMP3
05/31/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 31:1-18, "The Builders of the Tabernacle" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
05/31/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 11:30, "His Power Made Perfect in Weakness" - Part 1WMAMP3
05/24/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 30:1-38, "The Altar of Incense" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
05/24/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 11:27-29, "Persevering in Trials"WMAMP3
05/17/15Mr David VeldkampGenesis 15, "God of Promise" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
05/17/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 11:23-26, "By Faith Moses..."WMAMP3
05/10/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 29:1-46, "Consecration of the Priests" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
05/10/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 11:20-22, "Dying Well"WMAMP3
05/03/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 28:1-43, "Holiness" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
05/03/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 11:17-19, "By Faith Abraham..."WMAMP3
04/26/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 27:1-21, "God's Mobile Sanctuary" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
04/26/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 11:13-16, "A Better Country"WMAMP3
04/19/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 26:1-37, "The Tabernacle" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
04/19/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 11:8-12, "By Faith Abraham..."WMAMP3
04/12/15Mr Paul Siemens1 Corinthians 1:18-25, "The Foolishness of God"WMAMP3
04/12/15Rev Michael Glodo2 Samuel 15, "A Tale of Three Kings"WMAMP3
04/05/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsJohn 5:28-29, "Risen in Christ" - Easter Morning WorshipWMAMP3
04/02/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsPsalm 22, "An Easter Psalm" - Maundy Thursday WorshipWMAMP3
03/29/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 25:1-40, "God Dwells with His People" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
03/29/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 11:7, "By Faith Noah..."WMAMP3
03/22/15Mr Yohanes Hamlin1 Peter 2:4-10, "Keep Proclaiming the Excellencies of God" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
03/22/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 11:5-6, "By Faith Enoch..."WMAMP3
03/15/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 24:12-18, "To God Be the Glory" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
03/15/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 11:4, "By Faith Abel..."WMAMP3
03/08/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 24:1-11, "The Covenant Confirmed" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
03/08/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 11:1-3, "By Faith..."WMAMP3
03/01/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 23:20-33, "Loyalty and Grace" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
03/01/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 10:32-39, "Faith That Endures"WMAMP3
02/22/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 23:10-19, "Rest and Celebration" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
02/22/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 10:26-31, "Another Frightful Warning"WMAMP3
02/15/15Mr Brandon Velez1 Peter 1:13-2:3, "Called to be Holy" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
02/15/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 10:19-25, "Because of Who We Are"WMAMP3
02/08/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 23:1-9, "Neighbor Love" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
02/08/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 10:1-18, "Justification Brings Transformation"WMAMP3
02/01/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 22:16-31, "God's Word Concerning Social Justice" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
02/01/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 9:23-28, "Every Knee Shall Bow"WMAMP3
01/25/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 21:33-22:15, "Restitution" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
01/25/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 9:15-22, "Redemption through Jesus' Blood"WMAMP3
01/18/15Mr Kevin ArevaloEphesian 2:11-22, "United by the Gospel" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
01/18/15Rev Don MasonExodus 19:3-6, "The Heart of Evangelism"WMAMP3
01/11/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 21:18-32, "An Eye for an Eye" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
01/11/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 9:1-14, "Access to God"WMAMP3
01/04/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsExodus 21:12-17, "God's Word on Capital Punishment" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
01/04/15Rev Dr Robert AdamsHebrews 8:6-13, "Christ: The Covenant of Consummation"WMAMP3