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Sermons for year: 2016
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06/19/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 16:1-34, "Yom Kippur" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
06/19/16Rev Dr Robert Adams1 Corinthians 1:1-3, "The Ideal Chuch"WMAMP3
06/12/16Mr Aaron OpgenorthProverbs 1:7, "The Fear of the Lord" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
06/12/16Mr Kevin Arevalo2 Corinthians 1:3-11, "Do Not Waste Your Afflictions"WMAMP3
06/05/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 15:1-33, "Never to Mention in Public" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
06/05/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 12:8-14, "Fear God and Keep His Commandments"WMAMP3
05/29/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 14:1-57, "Laws for Cleansing" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
05/29/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 11:7-12:8, "Remember Your Creator"WMAMP3
05/22/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 13:1-59, "Skin Diseases and Mildew" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
05/22/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 11:1-6, "Only God Knows"WMAMP3
05/15/16Mr Yohanes HalimJudges 14, "Let Our Manner of Life Be Worthy" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
05/15/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 10:12-20, "Proverbs to Live By - Part 2"WMAMP3
05/08/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 12:1-8, "Defiled at Birth - Cleansed by God"WMAMP3
05/08/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 10:1-11, "Proverbs to Live By"WMAMP3
05/01/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 11:1-47, "Clean and Unclean Animals" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
05/01/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 9:11-18, "Man Does Not Know His Time"WMAMP3
04/24/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 10:12-20, "Aarons Sons Sin Again" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
04/24/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 9:7-10, "Life is Good - Enjoy It"WMAMP3
04/17/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 10:1-11, "Nadab and Abihu - Strange Fire"WMAMP3
04/17/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 8:16-9:6, "The Living and the Dead"WMAMP3
04/10/16Mr Aaron OpgenorthPsalm 1WMAMP3
04/10/16Rev Michael GlodoPsalm 123, "The Spirit Has Prayed for Us"WMAMP3
04/03/16Mr Chris SimmonsGenesis 4:1-7, "The Faith of Two Men"WMAMP3
04/03/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 8:10-15, "Living in a Broken World"WMAMP3
03/27/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsJohn 20, "Dealing with Doubt" - Easter Morning WorshipWMAMP3
03/24/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsJohn 19b-30, What Jesus Meant by "It is Finished" - Maundy Thursday WorshipWMAMP3
03/20/16Mr Joshua GilmanPsalm 123, "The Eyes of Hope" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
03/20/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 8:1-9, "Wisdom, Humility and Submission"WMAMP3
03/13/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 9:1-24, "Aarons First Sacrifices" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
03/13/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 7:19-29, "Godly Wisdom"WMAMP3
03/06/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 8:1-36, "Moses Ordains the Priests" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
03/06/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 7:15-18, "Living in a Paradoxical World"WMAMP3
02/28/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 7:11-38, "The Fellowship Offering"WMAMP3
02/28/16Rev Billy BarronLuke 9:51-56, "The Cross and the Crown"WMAMP3
02/21/16Rev Tom NelsonLuke 18:1-8, "The Parable of the Father Who Brings Justice to His Children" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
02/21/16Rev Dr Don Sweeting2 Timothy 3:14-4:5, "Why Proclaim the Word of God?"WMAMP3
02/14/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 7:1-10, "The Bloodstained Altar" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
02/14/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 7:1-14, "BetterThan..."WMAMP3
02/07/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 6:24-30, "The Sin Offering" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
02/07/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 6:10-12, "Handling Adversity"WMAMP3
01/31/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 6:19-23 - "Burned Bread" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
01/31/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 6:1-9, "The Dangers of Afflunenza: Part 2"WMAMP3
01/24/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 5:8-20, "The Dangers of Afflunenza: Part 1"WMAMP3
01/17/16Mr Arif Hidajat1 Kings 18:41-46, "The God Who Gives Himself" - Evening WorshipWMAMP3
01/17/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 5:1-7, "Worship in Spirit and in Truth"WMAMP3
01/10/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 6:14-18 - "The Priestly Portion"WMAMP3
01/10/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 4:7-16 - "Two Are Better Than One"WMAMP3
01/03/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsLeviticus 6:8-13 - "Tend the Altar Fire"WMAMP3
01/03/16Rev Dr Robert AdamsEcclesiastes 3:16-4:6 - "From Dust to Glory"WMAMP3