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A flat roof is a process to set a house roof as flat or in many kinds, and it is a contrast to many sloped ceilings. Slop is called pitch, and it is 10°. It was used in arid climates. Most of the people used roof space as a living roof. In the world, most of the commercial buildings made up of flat roofs. The national association set a limit to the flat roof as 3 to 12 or less slope. Most of the country used a flat roof, but it may differ according to tradition and materials. In warm countries, shelters are built with masonry or concrete because they have less rainfall and freezing is less. So they avoid heat from the sun, and it also cheap and readily available while compared to other products. If rain is more and water sealed in brickwork could turn into ice, in that area, these are not suitable. Egyptian and Arabian architecture more used these flat roofs. In this Flat Roofing Bristol  Company was one of the famous companies in the world.

Flat Roofing Bristol

In older days, the western world used tar or asphalt to make flat roofs. Felt paper was used for roofing to make the building watertight. It was covered with bitumen to attain the sun’s heat more, and it protects from gradation or cracking. Plywood, the clipboard is used with style or concrete, and it is called as roof decking. Bitumen is applied as three coats which are heated in a kettle. After that process, it is used in felts to absorb more heat.

The old method gets failed

This traditional flat roof method became a failure, and the main reason is lack of maintenance. Because most of the people’s thoughts were to gravel to be moved or removed. It also exposes to the weather and the sun. Water enters into the building while cracking occurs. Bitumen is impregnated in paper or flew material. Gravel can’t give guaranteed to protect the trapper surface. It rises vertically in the roof as upstands. Moreover, bitumen coated with felts and sheet material will be covered, it is called as gravel stops. It prevents and terminates from roofing and water from running underneath the roofing etc. In some areas, basic felts roofs are used because of materials and the cost of layering. In recent times modern flat roofing became down, so the price was more affordable. So most of the people alter these roofing styles. If a leak occurs in the roof, then it damages consider because water penetrates and turns into the insulation beneath. If it was unnoticed, then it leads to more damage and risks people’s life also. It collapses the structure of the building and goes to risk point. If organic insulation was used, then the solution is to remove the damaged area. Insulation will be saved when the problem is identified quickly. At the time leak will be repaired. But the area already creates sunken then it is too late. The most common problem in a flat roof, if water travels a long way in the barrier and leads, then it causes visible damage. The most challenging task is to discover the leaks and to repair them. If water travels to more room, then it becomes worse. In every method, there will be pros and cons, so don’t get bothered about it. Protect the flat or building as much as possible.

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