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Sanctuary Renovation: Sanctuary - 1

Our sanctuary renovation started on June 20. In just 8 days the transformation progress is both exciting and elegant. Progress has been made in the Narthex, the rear (west) wall and in the hallway leading to the library and restrooms. We are thankful for those who have turned out to lend a hand and share their talents. A special thanks to Jack Poole who not only is responsible for the architectural design, but also who has taken on the role of project leader. Everyone working on the project has done a great job and has worked with a positive attitude.

 Measure twice; cut once (Bryan Hall)

Rear wall preparation (Steve Richardson)

Assembling the scaffolding (Joe Richardson)

 We like to keep our help happy

Making the intricate molding design (Al Spengler, Rudy Seiffer)

Applying the baseboard

 Attention to detail (Dave Lemons)

Preparing the doors for painting (Steve Caylor)

Getting ready to paint the wall

 Door preparation - (Frank Morrison)

A glimpse of how it is all coming together

An almost finished hallway

 Preparation for Sunday service (Susie Adams)

Remember how this door, off the narthex, used to look?

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