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OSRS is old school Runescape a platform which trains you or guides you for all the botting techniques.  According to OSRS Bot , the first rule of botting is to always stay away from getting banned. Yes, botting is actually considered to be illegal and it is against the terms and conditions of the company.  So, if you are caught botting then your account will be banned forever. With OSRS Bot your aim is to simply blend in with the crowd.


Tips for safe boting and making money with OSRS Bot:  Boting is always against the rules of the game and it is not always possible to stay safe. Any bot detected will be banned. Nobody can always be invincible. The fact you weren’t banned before is because you were careful or lucky.  So just proceed carefully. Here are some tips that can save a bot from being detected and make money with OSRS Bot.

  1. Make sure you start botting at least after a few months of using your account. Never try bot immediately after opening your account.
  2. Get every required skill of the game trained. Never try to master your bot on any one or two stats.
  3. Don’t look like a bot. always choose a fancy outfit and avoid attracting the attention of other players on your account.
  4. Always do some useful quests, unlike standard botter.
  5. Avoid locations that are frequently botted, because botting hotspots will usually be monitored. You can use these hotspots in a weekend or late evening when the Jagex is closed.
  6. To stay safe try to do a few things which the regular bots don’t do. Never repeat the methods or skills you use. Try switching to different tactics.
  7. Never try to bot for long hours. Bot only when you are too busy and take over the control whenever you can. Try to interact with players around you at least for a few minutes.

These are few steps to make money in OSRS and always keep in mind that a bot is never 100% safe. Still, if you choose to bot then there are different types of boting clients available in online boting sites. Always choose a well trusted and tried bot to link your account. Never link your original account to a bot as you may lose heavily in case of being banned. Always choose secondary accounts to bot. Create some multiple secondary accounts which you may also use as suicide accounts and try to make money through them.  This is a superb platform. There is a tabbed botting system which helps in running multiple bots and multiple bots can be used in the same window and this helps in staying one organized. These accounts work continuously and generate much profit every hour even before they get banned. Multiple suicide accounts mean much profit. You can always choose to sell the earned gold to any trusted gold seller listed on the boating site and earn a huge sum of money. But always try to take the help of middlemen in trading as these black markets are not trusted worthy and you may be cheated anytime.

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