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A buyer must use the services of a notary to conclude a real estate transaction. The latter will prepare the deed of sale and the mortgage deed and will register the property in the Land Registry.  The choice of notary belongs to the buyer. It takes about $ 1000 to cover his fees, which may vary by region. Visit for the best results.

Adjustment and distribution of municipal and school taxes

The buyer will usually have to pay his share of property taxes and utilities as of the date of the transaction. It is the notary who will do this calculation.

Other fees and analyses

Analysis of water quality and quantity: in the case of a property supplied with water by an artesian well, the financial institution could require a certificate attesting to the quality of the water. Approximately $ 75 is required for this analysis.

Other analyses: soil tests, pyrite test or vermiculite test may be necessary. Costs vary depending on the expertise performed.

House construction price

The price of building a house is one of the first criteria taken into account in a project to buy a new house. If it is difficult to establish the exact cost of a new house per square meter, it is quite possible to estimate averages according to different criteria. Note that the prices quoted do not include the expenses related to the construction: costs related to the purchase and the stabilisation of the ground, installation of a fence, expenses of notary, swimming pool.

Price per m² for the construction of a house by style

The price of a house is significantly higher if you opt for a contemporary style. Indeed, a contemporary house has particular characteristics, which have a direct impact on the construction costs: specific materials, flat roofing, and combination of several exterior claddings, large non-standard openings, and large rooms. Conversely, Standard materials used in the realisation of a traditional home involve more affordable construction prices for it.

Price of a new house by type of material

The price to be considered for building a house depends in part on the material used for its structure. Thus, a container house or a wooden house requires less sophisticated foundations and have a pre-built structure or can be achieved in the factory, which naturally implies lower construction costs (entry-level) than for their counterparts in bricks or blocks.

The construction price of an energy efficient house

Contrary to popular belief, the price of a house energy saving is not necessarily higher than that of a conventional house. Indeed, if the base rate of a green home is slightly higher, the gains made on your energy bill will quickly offset the additional cost of departure, and the resale of a home of this type will be much easier.

The average price of a new house by type of builder

The price of building a house can vary greatly depending on the type of builder you are using. Going through a professional construction of houses will cost you 8 to 30% more expensive than self-construction, but you will benefit from the legal guarantees of construction, support and expertise of experienced professionals, and especially not to over-encroach on your personal life.

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