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Contact a real estate agency that knows how to understand your wishes by offering tailor-made offers. The purchase of a second property (or the new one if you have decided to sell a house in the city and move to the sea) must be taken care of by those who know the area. Just like we do with selling houses. Once you have decided how and when to buy a beach house, it is better to request advice during the contract phase to clarify all the details. Make a visit to for all the options now.

What kind of house in a seaside resort?

Here is another key point when deciding to buy a beach house: what type of property to choose? In this situation, there are many factors involved. If you intend to create an oasis of peace, you can consider buying a small property, for example, a two-room apartment.

The speech changes if you are choosing a residence to welcome your family. In this case, he points to a larger house on the ground floor, perhaps with a green space outside. Finally, consider if the house is not too isolated and is well connected to the town and beaches.

Where to buy a beach house

The market is recovering especially along the coasts, where buying houses is convenient. Although carefully, there are people willing to invest in a second home.

Where to buy a beach house

The reason for this suggestion? In a second moment, you could think about renting the property if the chosen area is coveted and the opportunities to obtain secure earnings are raised. Returning to the central question: where should you buy a beach house?

Buying a beach house: do you want to invest?

Buying a beach house is not a simple money transaction: you are buying experiences and new perspectives. So don’t be rushed and consider carefully. And if you want to buy a house in Liguria? Write to us. We will be at your side in every step, ready to offer you the dream house suited to your needs. We will help you in the best way possible for the purchase.

The dream of a home or apartment owned is often abandoned because the fear of making a wrong decision is too great.

“I don’t have enough money to buy a house.”

Many tenants are convinced that they do not have the necessary financial means at all to be able to buy a condominium apartment or a house. But many people do not know that: only 20 percent of the purchase price of the property must be paid for by own means, while the remaining amount can be financed with a mortgage. 10 percent of the purchase price may also come from occupational pension funds. In order to be able to take out a mortgage, under certain circumstances, only 10 percent must be financed with liquid equity.

“The bank wouldn’t give me a mortgage.”

The bank’s credit requirements are sometimes seen as an obstacle. However, hasty conclusions should not be drawn. The granting of credit, in fact, depends on the sustainability of the mortgage for the buyer of the property. Sustainability is calculated based on interest charges and recurring annual costs for real estate.

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