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There are many more things to consider when choosing a photographer to capture one of the most important days of your life, than just the cost. While budgeting is definitely a key factor in the entire wedding planning process, price should never be the sole determinant for such an essential part of your special day.

Before making a decision, a North East Wedding Photographer  expertise, style, equipment, and editing skills should all be carefully examined-as should their character and personality. Here is a detailed list of things to consider before delivering that security deposit.

North East Wedding Photographer

Wear Theme

Although each photographer may have their own unique style, most can be described as either photojournalistic, classical/traditional, or fine art. The photographer aims to document the day as it unfolds with a photojournalistic approach, and appears to take more casual images than other styles. This documentary-style has become a very common concept in the wedding photography industry but this argument can only be made by those photographers who can really tell a story through their pictures.

A traditional or classic photographer should concentrate on landmark wedding activities such as first dance, cake cutting, and bouquet tossing. The photographer will also spend more time on posed, formal portraits of newlyweds and members of their family, with less emphasis on candid or action shots.

Wedding photographers describing their work as fine art will take a more artistic approach to wed capture. Their portfolio will include a selection of the bride and groom ‘s dramatic images, as well as extensive shots of table settings, flowers and other wedding decorations.


Bear in mind that the expense of a skilled wedding photographer and videographer typically accounts for around 10 percent of the overall wedding budget when estimating the budget. The price may depend on what deliverables and services are expected including shoot time, a number of photographers, a photography engagement session, image reproduction rights, professional editing, and portfolios. Both of these factors can change the price of the package dramatically, so it’s crucial for you and your fiancé to determine what’s most crucial to you before meeting a photographer.

Personality and character

No matter how much you like the style or the price quoted, don’t hire them if you’re not comfortable with a photographer’s attitude! We’ve heard horror stories from snobby photographers who are just doing “their thing” and really don’t care what the bride and groom want. Whether you’re comfortable with your photographer or not, your wedding photos will really show you-the more comfortable you are, the happier and the more beautiful you’ll look in your photos.

Reviews and Suggestions

One of the easiest ways to find the right wedding photographer is by talking to your wedding mates and reading feedback online. As far as the photographer is concerned, it is crucial that you trust the individual to be on time, have reliable equipment, work properly, and produce all the edited photos (if in the contract) within the agreed time frame.

Listen to what others have learned from the process of wedding planning, and take note of what they would have done differently and what vendors they recommend.

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