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Even if all invited guests are local, it is still good to find out what the price of any accommodation would be. Sometimes it turns out to be so attractive that tired party people give up returning after night and use the hotel accommodation offer. Make a visit to to get your options.

Children at the party

If children are to be present at the party, some additional issues will need to be agreed in advance:

Do the children sit at a table with adults or maybe at a separate table just for them? Here their age is important because children who are not yet eating alone must be with their parents. In this case, it is necessary to ask if the restaurant has highchairs.

If there are parents with babies at our party, we should provide a place to change and feed. If the restaurant does not have a changing table, it happens that during the reception a free room is available for this purpose for guests. In restaurants, there is often a separate, specially prepared menu for the youngest guests. It is worth using it.

Play corner.

It is not necessary, but a very great convenience for parents with small children. In restaurants, there is often a table with coloring books and several boxes with toys for children. If the room for our birthday is large, we can ask guests who will be with children to bring their own toys. If there are babies at the birthday party, we can get a foam mat or a rug on which the babies will play.

If we expect a large number of children and have an additional budget, we can consider employing an animator for children. Restaurants often have contacts with various animation companies and experience working with them, so it’s worth taking advantage of this. It can happen most often when the premises have more than one party at a time that the restaurant itself employs an animator. Then we will have this attraction for the price. This is most common for family events such as communion or baptisms.

Music and additional attractions

Music at the party is the key. If the restaurant does not have audio equipment, we have two options: organize it yourself or hire a DJ. However, before we decide on the option at a cost stereo from home plus your own laptop it is good to consider all the “for” and “against”. When playing music using our own equipment, we must keep this issue in mind throughout the whole birthday. In addition, it often happens that guests in a fit of violent cheerfulness and musical inspiration decide to search for songs on their own and suddenly there is noise around the laptop. Blind guests and your favorite laptop are definitely not a good combination.

Hiring a DJ is a matter of an additional several hundred zlotys. However, if we choose correctly, they will pay more in delight to the guests. A good DJ can in addition to caring for music fantastically start the company and encourage even the most stubborn to play. Often, DJs are also masters.

If you want to have a beautiful souvenir from your birthday, then you need to think about hiring a photographer. People often forget or downplay it, explaining that now everyone has a camera on their phone, so there will be plenty of photos from the party.

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